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Greater vehicle fleet efficiency with HELLA LED lighting
Maintenance and fuel costs are a big cost driver for vehicle fleets. Using HELLA LED vehicle lighting, these can be noticeably reduced.
Article of 27.02.2013
Lippstadt, 27 February 2013. Lower downtimes, reduced maintenance and fuel costs with increased operational reliability: all these factors can be optimised by vehicle fleet managers through the use of HELLA LED products, thereby increasing the efficiency of their vehicle fleet.

LEDs have a much higher design life than conventional lighting and are also wear and maintenance free. When converting to LED lighting, long downtimes from lighting changeovers are a thing of the past. Apart from this, energy needs are reduced as a result of using LED products, which in turn leads to clear reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption.
HELLA's lighting expert uses various sample calculations to show how quickly a conversion to long-life and energy-efficient LED technology can pay for itself. Vehicle fleet operators can identify potential savings and then achieve these through converting to HELLA LED products. Further information on converting municpal vehicles can be found at www.hella.com/municipal and at www.hella.com/trailer for truck and trailer.

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