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Fascinating light - dynamics through technology and design
Full-LED or Xenon headlamps with camera-based light control as well as an innovative interior lighting concept turn the new Audi A8 into a dazzling display of innovations
Article of 09.02.2010
Lippstadt, February 2010. Hella is starting the new year off with a bang with innovative high-tech headlamps: The Lippstadt-based automotive supplier is providing impressive proof of lighting expertise in the new Audi A8 and making a clearly visible contribution. This way, the lighting and electronics expert Hella is further expanding its technological expertise.
A special highlight in the new Audi A8 is the optional full-LED headlamp. The low beam has ten projection lenses arranged like a curved ribbon. The give the vehicle an impressive look - both day and night. The daytime running light also radiates unique dynamics. For the first time, Hella and Audi developers have combined it with indicator and position light. Thanks to the optical system developed especially for this headlamp, the combination of the three lighting functions is slimmer than ever before.
A further special lighting engineering feature are the AFS functions, achieved here with LEDs for the first time. They enable other lighting functions to be activated depending on the driving situation. Thus, for example, adverse weather or motorway light as well as other integrated light distributions such as high beam and cornering light can be realized by switching individual LEDs on or off. The adverse weather light, for example, reduces self-glare in fog or heavy rain through wider light scatter.
The so-called travel mode guarantees maximum driving comfort. For trips to countries with left-hand traffic, the prescribed light distribution is achieved by switching off individual LEDs. For consumers this means covering up certain segments of the headlamp cover lens for trips abroad is a thing of the past.
The technical know-how of the Lippstadt-based component supplier is also demonstrated by the vehicle's standard equipment: Audi is backing Xenon technology. The optional adaptive light system with gliding range guarantees additional safety. The vehicles in front are detected with the aid of an integrated front camera. An exactly coordinated lighting-electronics system developed by Hella then automatically adapts the headlamp range to this situation. This means drivers always have optimum, far-reaching illumination available without dazzling other road users. This function is even implemented on hilly roads. In addition to the gliding range, the adaptive light system also includes AFS functions. With the aid of the combined rain and light sensor, as well as the new capability of using information from the navigation system, the vehicle can detect the respective driving situation predictively and control the light accordingly. Accordingly, the junction light is activated before junctions, town light is switched on when the vehicle drives into towns and the motorway light is activated on motorways.
Intelligent technologies meet cutting-edge design on the vehicle interior, too - thanks to LEDs. The interior light function is realized through two extremely sophisticated optical elements: a flat, horseshoe-shaped light guide on the central roof node illuminates the interior, as do the linear light strips arranged along the sides of the roof liner. Alongside the cool white interior lighting function, these strips generate a warm white ambient light that make the vehicle appear in an atmospheric homely light.
High driving comfort and significantly more safety, framed by an attractive appearance - Hella innovations impressively create the perfect symbiosis between technology and styling in the new Audi A8.

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